Terms and Conditions of Booking

In the event that you the customer proceed to pay you agree to book the accommodation for your chosen date

Payment in full 8 weeks prior to arrival for Couples and 12 weeks prior to arrival for group packages

As always, we strongly recommend bookings still get travel / cancellation insurance.


Any cancellation or reduction of booking is strictly non-refundable (we have small capacity and often we may have turned other bookings away and if a cancellation is made the accommodation may then remain empty).

  • Booking Deposits are strictly non-refundable - If you cancel your booking completely, any time up unitl the balance is due, the balance will not be debited from your card, however,  the booking deposit is forefited.
  • If the cancellation is made 12 weeks (Groups) or 8 Weeks (couples), or more prior to the arrival date and you would like to select new dates, we can reschedule your booking to another time, within 6 months of the original dates and subject to availability, for an admin fee of 15% of the total per booking.
  • Once the balance is paid for a group or individual booking it is strictly nonrefundable - No refunds or partial refunds will be given.
  • If you leave early from camp the days not taken are non-refundable.
  • For clarity, if you reduce your booking, any deposits or balance paid for the cancelled accommodation cannot be put against the remaining accommodation.

Any cancellation or change must be confirmed in writing/email, by the person who made the booking.

We strongly advise visitors to take out full holiday insurance to cover cancellations, public liability, personal belongings, loss etc.


Camp Rules

No loud or amplified music/noise is permitted after 11pm. Owners live onsite and our neighbours and community are respected at all times quiet time between 11pm  9am

Any damage of Teapot Lane property must be reported to staff and will be charged for at Market value of the items including extra cleaning or dry cleaning costs incurred.

Teapot Lane reserve the right to cancel a booking at short notice in the case of extreme weather or in the unlikely event that we cannot provide safe accommodation

Guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Communal spaces must be kept tidy at all times. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and must leave the site in the way they found it

Cars must remain in the parking area, no cars permitted  in the communal area or at the pitches.

Arrival And Departure Times

Accommodation is generally ready by 3pm so we ask for arrivals between 3 and 6.30pm. You must advise us of your estimated  arrival me. If you are likely to be later than 6.30pm please let us know as staff may not be in camp after this me.

Guests are requested to vacate their accommodation and all communal areas by 11am on day of departure and please ensure before doing so you clear the accommodation as required;

  • Remove all rubbish to the appropriate bins/recycling,
  • Ensure no litter outside or around the accommodation, (this is vital to ensure safety to wildlife) PLEASE, NO CONFETTI.
  • wash up any dishes used
  • Empty the communal fridge of all your belongings.  Please don't leave any food behind unless it is binned or composted.



We ask that you walk about the camp except for loading and unloading on arrival and departure and park in the car park provided. We don’t allow campervans at camp with people staying in them overnight as we don’t have facilities for this.


This bit is REALLY important. We want you to have a good time so we want to ensure if you do come it is with realistic expectations and you are prepared.

Please be aware that whilst “glamping” is posh camping, it is still camping, which means it is not a hotel, you are outside, close to nature. It’s the woods – In Ireland which means, insects, cold periods, and rain at times.

This is an outdoorsy escape where you are free to enjoy the surrounding environment. We are connecting people to the simple pleasure of simpler times. It’s the way we like it and we hope you do too!


The camp is NOT manned at all times. The Owners live next door and will be there at check in times and available at short notice if required. Numbers for texting them are in the communal area so you can let them know if you need anything, or have any queries.

By booking and coming to Teapot Lane you  are in charge of and your own welfare. You agree to take all reasonable precautions against personal injury, injury to others and damage to the woodland, facilities and Domes, such as regarding litter, fire, noise after 11pm.

Anything you bring to the campsite or wider woodland and any damage or loss to your possessions is at your own risk. You use the facilities and amenities at the camp and wider woodland at your own risk, e.g. the communal area and BBQ.

By booking and acknowledging these Terms and Conditions, you are aware of the risks, hazards and dangers of personal injury in entering the campsite and woodland. (For example, the woodland contains deadly poisonous mushrooms, toadstools, and fungi)


Company Details

Teapot Lane Glamping LTD.

Address Teapot Lane, Castlegal Co Sligo

(registered in Ireland number: 641813)

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