This week we have lovely guests in as always!  I was given some Kefir which I have to confess I never heard of before!  I am familiar with kambucha and love it’s taste but never had some of my own.  Kefir similarly is a bacteria culture that you keep (Kefir grains) in a plastic container or jug and “feed” it with milk, the kefir eats up the sugars etc in the milk and the resulting magic is a kick ass probiotic drink with the following benefits that I found on the web –

Kefir boosts our immune systems by keeping healthy bacteria in our digestive tract (and remember 80% of our immune system is in our digestive track!). The fermenting bacteria produce lactic acid which heals and soothes the gut lining. Kefir is rich in vitamin A, B2, B12, D, K, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and typtophan.  It has anti tumor properties, prevents disease, increases digestibility and it controls toxins. – See more at:
So this morning I had a look at my kefir and it had grown overnight so I strained some with a
wooden slotted spoon and trues some!  Being a novice my first mistake was to ingest too many
of the lumpy bits instead of just straining the liquid so as a result I feel a little queasy and I have
a headache too!  I since learned that taking a little drink at a time to begin with is the best
practice and up the dose as your body gets used!

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