Survivors Guide to Spring Glamping!

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Many agree that our warmest months with long sunny evenings and lush green foliage, wild flowers and milder weather make summer the most popular time for weddings. As a result many of Ireland’s summer brides to be get the girls together in Spring and enjoy their special weekend of freedom before their joined to their man for ever!

Teapot Lane has been hosting such weekends for almost 6 years as the first ever Glamping spot in Ireland we like to think we have perfected the Hen weekend and offer the best weekends in Ireland.  When booking a Glamping weekend early in the season, be aware of the following facts on Glamping before choosing your venue:

Like With Like; find out what the accommodation is and the differences involved.

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  • Yurt (above) – This a large round tent that you can walk around in they usually have a wooden floor, proper beds, insulation and several layers of canvas, they should have a wood burning stove so you can keep them really warm during the chiller months in spring.  Yurts are native to Mongolia where people live in yurts during freezing temperatures in winter so they are like a mobile house and not just a simple tent.  (Some people live permanently in Yurts)

Tip – Find out if your yurt is insulated and if it has a good stove for warmth will fuel provided? Ask if there are beds in there with bedlinen provided and if the fuel for the stove is included in the cost.


  • Bell Tent (above) – This is a round single skin light canvas tent, it could be on decking or grass (decking is better as grass can make it feel damp inside).  Bell tents can have a small stove inside and camp beds, you usually can’t walk inside and sleeping is on the ground.  Bell tents are good in the warm summer months but can be very cold in Spring/autumn.  Staying in a bell tent can feel very cool especially when you fall asleep and the small stove made for bell tents goes out beware you could wake up feeling cold and damp!

Tip – Bell tents are a cheap alternative to the yurt and are a fraction of the cost to buy and unlike a yurt are not designed for long term use so can and should be much cheaper to stay in that a yurt

Facilities – Ask What communal facilities there are

Outdoor Spaces

IMG_0506 Facilities Fairy garden Facilities Dining shelter

Indoor Spaces

Facilities kitchen exterior 2007-01-01 00.00.00-7 2007-01-01 00.00.00-8

Once you have established what accommodation is on offer for your Glamping weekend it is time to look at the facilities!  Is there sheltered space for the Gang to hang out if the weather aint so good, let’s face it our little Island is no stranger to a drop of rain! Are there kitchen facilities and if so how well equipped are they?? Does the kitchen have all you need? Plates, Cups, glasses, utensils, Tea, Coffee Sugar condiments etc?

Is there entertainment or catering available? – I’m not showing off but Teapot Lane have caterers come cook a delicious buffet BBQ style and we bring in a live DJ to play you tunes so you can dance the Buffet off under the stars (or our cool dining shelter if the weathers no playing ball!)

Campfire open nite campfire DSC_3792-Edit

Is there a Campfire?  One of the loveliest things about any Camping/Glamping trip is sitting by the campfire at the end of the day, chatting, swapping stories, sipping a nice vino or a hot chocolate and scoffing toasted marshmallows!

Ask if your Glamping site has a campfire and if fuel is provided for this.

Tip – Find out if the site has gravel pathways or will you be walking through wet grass or mud to get to your accommodation or the loos

Finally Be sure and bring your warm clothes, fleecey Jammy’s, all your favourite food and drinks. Relax and have a laugh and make it a weekend to remember forever ♥



5 thoughts on “Survivors Guide to Spring Glamping!

  1. una Hughes

    I have 2 nephews 18 and 19 whose mum is away for 3 weeks .They are quiet boys and would need activities . One is musical .They like swimming and would cycle , kayak/surf .We could go before Eater Sunday for 1 /2 nights . I’d need a separate room/alcove .Can you help ?

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Una,

    We are accommodation providers only but there is plenty to do in the area for kids, we are close to Bundoran and the beaches of Sligo. For accommodation with separate rooms our cottage is the only thing we could offer to fit that requirement. It is €200 per night Minimum 2 nights. Our yurts are €220 for two nights they have a double and two single beds. email us if you wish to enquire about available dates.

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