Picture Gallery

Here you can see inside and outside our luxury yurts, our red vintage caravan and our new tree house. You can also see our communal areas and the beautiful shots from The Wedding Journal who used Teapot Lane as a location for a boho bridal photo shoot

Yurts Out side

ladybird (2) Willow Poppyseed & Bell Tent willow & swing

Inside the cosy Yurts!

IMG_0416 IMG_0466 IMG_0455 willowyurt_0461-150x150

Vintage Caravan

caravan inside Caravan interior 2 Caravan interior 1 vintage caravan

Picture gallery of our Tree House

welcome door Treehouse veranda Treehouse exterior 3 Tree hous einterior 1

DSC_3677-Edit IMG_0602 2006-12-31 23.00.00-38 treehouse_teapot18

Pictures from Boho Wedding Shoot by The Wedding Journal

bride photograph for our picture gallery wedding bride 1240641_638260676213780_1379098950_n-2 JU6A8194

1235949_638260902880424_2134332450_n-2 JU6A8714 JU6A8183 JU6A8515

Bluebell Cottage Outside


Bluebell Cottage Inside

Cottage--150x150 Cottage-interior-pg-150x150 Cottage-stove-150x150 cottage_0342-150x150

cottage_0316-150x150 2014-09-23 10.44.43 2014-09-23 10.53.29 2014-09-23 10.42.40

Fairy Garden

2014-09-23 11.26.58-1 2014-05-19 13.42.24 2014-09-23 11.25.45-1 2014-09-23 12.19.16

2014-09-23 11.26.11-1 2014-09-23 11.25.26 2013-05-07 16.59.30-2 haqlloween

Communal Kitchen

40 Rachel Allen visit Facilities 22007-01-01 00.00.00-41 2007-01-01 00.00.00-39

Dining Shelter

DSC_3666-Edit DSC_3792-Edit Facilities Dining shelter IMG_0506

DSC_3757 IMG_1326 2015-06-16 06.49.43 IMG_0011


Pictures of Our Spa treatment Room

Spa 2 Spa 1 Spa IMG_0282

Teapot Lane Yurts ready for your glamping holiday!

IMG_0241 DSC_3753 IMG_0508 IMG_0549

IMG_0553 IMG_0515 IMG_0586 IMG_0538

Rachel Allen At Teapot Lane!

11423617_921222084586689_3187623926206184562_o 11411934_921222157920015_4211860442786149384_o 11053102_10204374900602348_1697375118782295274_n 11223677_921222141253350_8092438074507477202_o

906076_10204446226858995_1423291232128576371_o 10989465_10204446226818994_4521385467731330504_o 11538980_921221894586708_3082689341600060005_o 46 Rachel Allen visit

61 Rachel Allen visit 59 Rachel Allen visit 54 Rachel Allen visit 73 Rachel Allen visit