Getaways @ Teapot Lane

RTE & BBC co produced travel program getaways came to Teapot lane last August.  Local Herbalist and Natropath Marina Kesso took Joe around Teapot lane to do a little foraging for some everyday wild plants that have some interesting uses in the kitchen!                                                               We gathered some nettles and silverweed both growing abundantly along the fields and hedgerows of Ireland.  We made them into a wonderful pesto in the teapotlane communal kitchen.  We also gathered nesturtiums, these have edible flowers and leaves and are easy to grow from seeds which come back abundantly every year. 

Nesturciums are great in salads (Both flowers & leaves). For the programme we made scones with herbs and calendula and also a herb butter.        It’s fun and healthy to use wild plants, they have healing and nutritional qualities and taste great.

I love when the wild garlic comes out in April it grows all around teapotlane and for a month or so there is a lovely gentle aroma of garlic and a carpet of white flowers similar to the bluebell in shape.

3 thoughts on “Getaways @ Teapot Lane

  1. Hog

    Hi I saw teapot lane on tv I thought it was a beautiful place! I love the way your camping but also have your little comforts as well. I will definitely be coming this spring!

  2. Hog

    Hi I saw teapot lane on tv and that it was a beautiful place. I love the way you can be with nature and forge for food but have your little comforts too. I will definetly be coming this spring !

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