Quirky Fair

Alas! It is September and I am catching a breath after our busiest summer season yet.  We had full tents here for the past few months and are pleased with how it all went.  Families and couples enjoying the space, Marshmallows done to every degree over the campfire, sunshine, drizzle, summer rain, BBQ’s, morning teas and coffees in the garden!  Focus now turns to halloween and the Quirky wedding fair that we are attending in Belfast next weekend.  Getting pictures and albums ready for that is fun and a great way of looking back on things over the last few years.  I am looking forward to ideas and inspiration form other businesses at the fair and presenting Teapot Lane as a fab location for a hen do and a mini moon in our so so romantic treehouse!

Autumn Glamping

mullaghmore harbourtreehouse_teapot18Horseshoe

I Know I know for some of you it’s still the summer holidays and you don’t need reminding of the eminent end of the summer!  I have to say I LOVE autumn!  It is my favourite season for many reasons… There is a real change in the air here growth has slowed down, some leaves are already beginning to fall and it is slightly cooler than the humid days of summer.

September in Ireland is a fantastic time to take a relaxing break, the frantic holiday time is over,  things and places are a little quieter yet still have a bit of a buzz.  it’s the time when people like me that work hard in the season get a chance to take a well earned break and often bag a bargain!

Walking in the surrounding hills and mountains and through the Hazelwood and Castle Caldwell woods is a real treat when the leaves are changing colour and everything just seems more tranquil!

A couple of nights midweek in our Tree house or cosy yurt is a real treat and we have deals including massages or surfing if you fancy a midweek stay.


Teapot Kittens

After a rainy bank holiday, the sunny has returned, it’s nice and warm and the brids are singing happily!

We have a stray cat here at Teapot lane and she her 2 kittens and another cat have decided this is a cool place for them to live.  After weeks of peoples food getting stolen from the fridge in the communal kitchen we finally discovered that she is a clever cat that can open the fridge and help herself!

Not sure they can all stay in the long term but we will give her the summer (Child lock now installed on the fridge!) to raise her babies and then see if we can find homes for them all.

Arthur, Anoushka and the 8 chickens are enough for us here… Plus we love the birds that live here amongst us too!



Kefir Love Hate!

This week we have lovely guests in as always!  I was given some Kefir which I have to confess I never heard of before!  I am familiar with kambucha and love it’s taste but never had some of my own.  Kefir similarly is a bacteria culture that you keep (Kefir grains) in a plastic container or jug and “feed” it with milk, the kefir eats up the sugars etc in the milk and the resulting magic is a kick ass probiotic drink with the following benefits that I found on the web –

Kefir boosts our immune systems by keeping healthy bacteria in our digestive tract (and remember 80% of our immune system is in our digestive track!). The fermenting bacteria produce lactic acid which heals and soothes the gut lining. Kefir is rich in vitamin A, B2, B12, D, K, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and typtophan.  It has anti tumor properties, prevents disease, increases digestibility and it controls toxins. – See more at: http://www.homemademommy.net/2012/09/why-i-love-kefir-and-what-are-kefir-grains.html#sthash.4XSgg46q.dpuf
So this morning I had a look at my kefir and it had grown overnight so I strained some with a
wooden slotted spoon and trues some!  Being a novice my first mistake was to ingest too many
of the lumpy bits instead of just straining the liquid so as a result I feel a little queasy and I have
a headache too!  I since learned that taking a little drink at a time to begin with is the best
practice and up the dose as your body gets used!

Summer Glamping Teapot Lane

Teapot Lane Glamping has been blessed with the weather this year!  Even the odd shower of summer rain can’t dampen our spirits it is warm and balmy and the sunshine has been showing it’s face most days!

This weekend we paused the family breaks for a hen party as some of the girls (including the hen) had been here on a hen do before they were very keen to have it here again and as they had the numbers to book out the whole place we were happy to grant their wish!

Many of the girls travelled from London to knock which is 40 mins from here – though it took them considerably longer with a few beverage and pee stops along the way!  The theme of the hen was 80’s bridesmaid and some of the costumes were hilarious and some were very elegant all looked a little ichy and possibly a recipe for sweating profusely in the Bundoran night clubs later on!

It is safe to say the 27 girls had a ball and many of them have vowed to come back with their families to enjoy the campsite in a different way and explore all that Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal have to offer!

Awesome Autumn Glamping

We love to see the seasons changing here at Teapot Lane and autumn is one of my favorites.  The days are mild and a little shorter, perfect for relaxing in the evenings by the stove.  Last Saturday I went with my neighbours and pals Ciara & Shailagh to the local farmers market in Rathcormac.  The market is new, it has just been going a few weeks, I am very excited about it as it is very close to teapot Lane (about a 10/15 minute drive) and it is in Branleys yard which is a lovely old stone courtyard with an antique shop, a vintage clothing shop, a pottery shop and a coffee shop. 

The addition of the Saturday market is great, nice to buy some organic produce, I bought some local honey, free range organic eggs and some bread from the French bakery stall.

Other sellers include medicinal herbs for sale as well as remedies prepared by a local herbalist, home baked goods, and pretty flower displays as well as some other craft stalls.  I’m looking forward to making a weekend ritual of it and enjoying a coffee with some free baking samples to nibble on as I look around!