Summer Glamping Teapot Lane

Teapot Lane Glamping has been blessed with the weather this year!  Even the odd shower of summer rain can’t dampen our spirits it is warm and balmy and the sunshine has been showing it’s face most days!

This weekend we paused the family breaks for a hen party as some of the girls (including the hen) had been here on a hen do before they were very keen to have it here again and as they had the numbers to book out the whole place we were happy to grant their wish!

Many of the girls travelled from London to knock which is 40 mins from here – though it took them considerably longer with a few beverage and pee stops along the way!  The theme of the hen was 80′s bridesmaid and some of the costumes were hilarious and some were very elegant all looked a little ichy and possibly a recipe for sweating profusely in the Bundoran night clubs later on!

It is safe to say the 27 girls had a ball and many of them have vowed to come back with their families to enjoy the campsite in a different way and explore all that Sligo, Leitrim & Donegal have to offer!

Awesome Autumn Glamping

We love to see the seasons changing here at Teapot Lane and autumn is one of my favorites.  The days are mild and a little shorter, perfect for relaxing in the evenings by the stove.  Last Saturday I went with my neighbours and pals Ciara & Shailagh to the local farmers market in Rathcormac.  The market is new, it has just been going a few weeks, I am very excited about it as it is very close to teapot Lane (about a 10/15 minute drive) and it is in Branleys yard which is a lovely old stone courtyard with an antique shop, a vintage clothing shop, a pottery shop and a coffee shop. 

The addition of the Saturday market is great, nice to buy some organic produce, I bought some local honey, free range organic eggs and some bread from the French bakery stall.

Other sellers include medicinal herbs for sale as well as remedies prepared by a local herbalist, home baked goods, and pretty flower displays as well as some other craft stalls.  I’m looking forward to making a weekend ritual of it and enjoying a coffee with some free baking samples to nibble on as I look around!

Getaways @ Teapot Lane

RTE & BBC co produced travel program getaways came to Teapot lane last August.  Local Herbalist and Natropath Marina Kesso took Joe around Teapot lane to do a little foraging for some everyday wild plants that have some interesting uses in the kitchen!                                                               We gathered some nettles and silverweed both growing abundantly along the fields and hedgerows of Ireland.  We made them into a wonderful pesto in the teapotlane communal kitchen.  We also gathered nesturtiums, these have edible flowers and leaves and are easy to grow from seeds which come back abundantly every year. 

Nesturciums are great in salads (Both flowers & leaves). For the programme we made scones with herbs and calendula and also a herb butter.        It’s fun and healthy to use wild plants, they have healing and nutritional qualities and taste great.

I love when the wild garlic comes out in April it grows all around teapotlane and for a month or so there is a lovely gentle aroma of garlic and a carpet of white flowers similar to the bluebell in shape.

Happy New Year

Teapot Lane is a busy place getting ready for a new glamping season.  The opening of the 2013 season is just around the corner.  The bookings have flowed in early this year and we are looking forward to meeting this seasons luxury campers and catching up with our more regular guests.

This year is really exciting as in addition to our 4 yurts and holistic spa therapy room, we have two new additions to our eco accommodation…

The tree house, long awaited!  Is in progress and is going to be fantastic.  We have a lovely veranda and I even brought a very special hammock all the way from Nicaragua!  I like to think of the tree house as the honeymoon suite at teapot lane, it will be romantic and fabulose!

Also I am doing up a cool little retro vintage caravan and it will be shabby chic and so cute, it’s also well underway, I’ve been busy with my paint bruch and sewing machine/…

Last but not least and just in the planning stages is a kitchen garden, where guests can buy sald and fresh organic produce, this will be a great facility and greatly reduce the need for bringing lots of plastic packaging on to the site…leave no trace… :-)   

Winter sunshine

December is here and Teapot Lane is regrouping!  Well actually living it up in the tropics really but Noel is toiling away on the treehouse in my absense and I’m hammock shopping in the local markets of Nicaragua finding the ultimate in tree swinging comfort for 2013 guests to enjoy.  So when the surfing a done and the BBQ eaten you can sleep it all off in style.  Glamping 2013 is going to be great with the new treehouse and the vintage caravan which we are working hard on over winter!

tv3 battle of  the bridesmaids brought a lot of interest in teapot lanes hen party offering, capturing the spirit of the place perfectly. :-)


Last day of Summer time!

…  Another season coming to an end, our 3rd here at Teapot Lane.  Despite the dark and the cold, there was the usual high spirits last night, alfresco dining a massive campfire, candles, fairie lights and cool tunes from the Dj!  A hardy bunch this group, I heard them partying into the small hours! 

Family time tomorrow as our final bookings of 2012 arrive for a night or two, Tuesday is when it is officially all over until March.  We always have the gorgous thatched cottage for rent during winter months for those dreaming of a cosy winter country retreat!

19th Novemebr see’s me off to explore Central America for a month, flying to Costa Rica and taking it from there!  One of the most Eco friendly countries in the world I hope to see some nice resorts, a tree house or two and get some sun and inspiration for the teapot Lane I will keep you posted!